Why Tijuana is one of the top 3 cities for plastic surgery procedures

The border city is a reference in medical tourism as it has Mexican-American, American and Canadian patients

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Being a city that borders the United States, Tijuana has had to adapt, improve and demonstrate its value nationally and internationally. Today its medical services are one of the main reasons that place it on the map for foreigners.

This municipality of Baja California is not only known as "the capital of medical tourism", but it is also a reference point since it has mostly Mexican-American, American and Canadian patients.

"A great percentage of the surgery in general that is done in our city is plastic surgery, bariatric surgery and dental care; these are the three specialties that are provided in the medical field," said the president of the College of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Baja California (CCPERBC), Juan Pablo Cervantes Díaz.

And although official statistics place Mexico City as the place where most plastic surgeries are performed in the country, followed by Guadalajara and then Tijuana, the latter has gained the preference of many, thanks to its proximity to the American country, the certification of specialists, for its infrastructure, but especially for the low costs of consultations, procedures, drugs and surgeries compared to the U.S. (between 30% and 70% less).

In addition, today more than ever, Tijuana's plastic surgery specialists have demonstrated their commitment to patient safety in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how:

Imagen Art

This clinic in Tijuana, has chosen to take the temperature, place sanitized mats, antibacterial gel, apply 1.5 meters of distance, have patients with a space of one hour and allow only three people maximum in reception; all this in order to provide a safe space in their medical practice.


Phone: 6643649672
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @dra.michelpalafox, @DraMileidyFernandez , @imagenartclinic
Website: https://imagenartclinic.com

Baja Plastic Surgery & MedSpa Center

In the case of the specialists that make up this clinic, they are ready to receive you, not without first implementing good service, good attitude and with excellent trained personnel.


Phone: 6641806004
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @bajaplasticsurgery
Website: www.bajaplasticsurgery.net

Dr. Fernando Robles - Clínica Renueva

For his part, Dr. Fernando Robles explained that at the Clínica Renueva, where he works, the following measures have been chosen to be implemented:

  • Shoe sanitizing mat when entering the clinic
  • Only four people maximum inside reception for safe distancing
  • Antibacterial gel and wet wipes in two stations (entrance and outside the bathroom)
  • Individual water bottles
  • Mandatory use of face mask
  • Temperature measurement
  • We ask that you be punctual in your appointment time and that you be accompanied by no more than one person
  • A virtual query filter is made to reduce traffic
  • After each patient, the office and reception are sanitized
  • Before surgery, a CTScan of the Chest and the Covid test are requested, among many other things


Phone: 6646340611
Email: [email protected]
Intagram: Clinicarenueva
Facebook: @ClinicaRenueva
Website: www.clinicarenueva.com

Tijuana Surgery Center

According to the members of this clinic, in order to maintain the safety of both their patients and their collaborators, every patient and doctor should have the COVID-19 test done (without exception). Another way to control the spread of this disease, is the implementaron of hygiene and personal protection measures.


Phone: 6194466769
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: tijuanasurgerycenter
Facebook: @tijuanasurgerycenter
Website: www.tijuanasurgery.com

Carlos Marciales

The plastic surgery specialist shared with San Diego Red that among the hygiene protocols he performs at his facility to provide a safe environment for COVID-19 are:

Constant disinfection of common areas, scheduled appointments to avoid multiple patients in the waiting room, use of masks and mouth guards, disinfection of examination areas at the entrance and exit of each patient and continuous hand disinfection.


Phone: 6195516541
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: marcialesplastic
Website: Drcarlosmarciales.com


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