How much does it cost to live in Tijuana and in several US cities?

The US dollar is one of the most solid and reliable currencies in the world. For this reason, people with US dollar income tend to have greater purchasing power in countries with developing economies, such as Mexico. Living in Tijuana is, by far, cheaper than living in San Diego, Los Angeles or New York, and this is a compelling reason that motivates Americans and Europeans to move to this border: their money yields more. The possibility of doing more with less money, allows you to live a life of comforts and luxuries that could hardly be obtained on their countries of origin. Here we will see examples of goods and services that are cheaper in Mexico than in USA or European soil.


In Tijuana, you can get residences that you thought could only be accessed by the rich and famous in the United States. In this city, a budget of 200 thousand dollars can get you first class apartments, with amenities such as pool, jacuzzi, terrace, gym and a patio or central garden, among other things. You will also find houses in exclusive areas of the city, with more than 3 bedrooms and bathrooms in less than 350 thousand dollars. In contrast, the average price to buy a house in San Diego is 610 thousand dollars. In Los Angeles, it is around 852 thousand dollars, and in San Francisco, one million 400 thousand dollars, according to Trulia, a site specialized in listing houses and neighborhoods in the United States.


A study published in 2018 by the International Network of Researchers in Competitiveness, estimated that Americans "can save between 20% and 80% of the total cost of medical treatment" each time they are treated with Mexican specialists in Mexican cities. The Secretariat of Tourism says that the procedures of orthopedics, cardiology, dental treatments, plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as weight loss, are the most on demand by Americans and Canadians in Mexico.


In Tijuana, thanks to the trend of gastronomic gardens and food trucks, it is possible to taste an extensive variety of culinary offerings at low cost. On these places, you can enjoy various dishes prepared by chefs from the region, for 150MXN (less than 8 dollars, depending on the current exchange rate). In addition, the city has numerous tap beer rooms where one pint will cost around 80-120MXN (between 4 and 7 dollars, depending on the current exchange rate). While a commercial brand beer, it is usually sold at around 2 US dollars.


It is difficult to compare the transportation system in Tijuana against the one in cities like San Diego and Los Angeles. The quality between one and the other is highly disparate, with the American being superior in terms of safety and maintenance. Even so, we can quote a range of prices for transportation on both sides of the border. An Uber ride of 24.7 kilometers (15.4 miles) can cost $ 24 (or 456 Mexican pesos) without a dynamic fare in San Diego, while the same distance in Tijuana would cost around 150 Mexican pesos, according to the application. A one-way ride by taxi and/or bus route, to the Central Zone of Tijuana, costs between 15 and 20 MXN (less than one US dollar) depending on the point of the city where you take the ride.


Going to the movie theater in Mexico can cost you 45 MXN, which equals just over two US dollars. Let's add it the medium size combo of popcorn and soda which ends up costing the equivalent of just over 10 dollars. In the United States, a single ticket for adults costs the same to enter the cinema with food in Mexico. The concerts are another example of accessible entertainment in this city, since Tijuana has become the venue for world-class concerts. In the last three years, just to mention some, we have received Kiss, Megadeth, Scorpions and soon Guns n Roses. Most of these events have handled a very diverse price range, but the truth is that we have always found options for all pockets, from 26 to 525 US dollars. And of course, there are also cultural activities such as going to the theater or attending art exhibitions, which occasionally are offered for free at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT). Every weekend there are places to visit, events to attend and thousands of new experiences to enjoy. Tijuana is a noble city where you never get bored and you have a variety of things to do. If you move, you will want to split yourself in two to attend more than one event on the same day, remember these words because we already warned you. Tijuana is the place where you will live the life you really deserve. Welcome and enjoy your stay.


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