Vertical Housing in Tijuana: The trend of growing orderly

Tijuana grows by leaps and bounds and its buildings too. The population increase in this city has made vertical housing a trend that allows the city to densify itself and grow orderly.

Proof of this is the boom in vertical development projects that came to make land use more efficient and it is attended by real estate companies such as Frasa, Bustamante Realty Group, Cosmopolitan Group and Grupo Abadi, among others.

The vertical projects that we now witness, had their outbreak about 5 years ago, according to the architect Felipe Alejandro García Cruz, President of the Colegio de Arquitectos de Tijuana (CATAC).

"As time went by, the change in the perception of the city is more clearly distinguished, before, horizontality predominated, and now verticality does," he said.

An example is the NewCity Residencial building of Grupo Abadi, which is one of the pioneers in vertical building.

Colima La Cacho, Paralelo 21 and Magnitud de Frasa, are also examples of this type of residential buildings.

Also, the Cosmopolitan Group offers options such as Cosmopolitan Residences, Distrito Revolución, Icon, Ruelle, Loft Revolución, Sie7e and Cosmopolitan City Center.

There are currently more than 45 vertical projects in progress, according to data from the Asociación de Profesionales Inmobiliarios de Tijuana (Real Estate Professionals Association of Tijuana).

These buildings are no longer limited to offering housing only. They also have restaurants, offices, medical clusters, and amenities such as gyms, event rooms and terraces with awesome views of the city at night.

The "Golden Zone" formed by the neighborhoods of Hipódromo, Cacho and Las Americas, has become one of the most on demand due to the boom in the residential sector. And politicians, businessmen and artists seek to live there.

This area has earned that name because it is also the location of businesses and services that improve the quality of life, offering practicality, comfort, good neighbors and security for its residents and visitors.

In the Golden Zone of Tijuana there are buildings such as Adamant Tijuana Hipódromo, which has 200 apartments on 25 levels and is located at Bulevar Agua Caliente.

The Torre Cosmopolitan, from the Cosmopolitan Group, is another great example. It is located in Zona Río and is one of the first to receive the ECOPERANDO certification from CEMEX, a leading and global company in the construction materials industry.

However, some developers also build horizontal single-family and multi-family projects because the market demands it.

Frasa is one of the developers that does it with projects like Colinas de la Presa.

For the Architect, Felipe García from CATAC, families are used to live in horizontal developments, because of culture and tradition.

But it is increasingly common to find vertical housing in the downtown, and horizontal housing in the suburbs of Tijuana.

Mobility needs demand it. The growth of the city, the traffic and the distances to reach important locations such as universities and areas of commercial activity.

Thanks to vertical housing, places of interest such as shopping and cultural centers, shopping malls, restaurants, and others, are now increasingly closer to homes, vertical housing, basically, compacts and optimize the city.

And the good news is that these options are offered in Tijuana with first-world adaptations for all needs.



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