Why live in Tijuana?

Why live in Tijuana? This city has been characterized, historically, by its hospitality and tourist attention. It has been helped, way back in time when it began its growth as a city – and started to develop as the city it is today - for entertainment.

Tijuana was invented by its tourists, both foreigners and nationals. Everyone came looking for something different, the ‘‘otherness’’ as anthropology defines what the observer considers as its cultural opposite.


While this has been claimed by the locals, for those who consider themselves as authentic “Tijuanenses,” the reality is that the city has had to adapt to the imagination of its visitors.

An internationally famous cultural product, derived from this, is the Zonkey, which is the only identity reference that can be considered as proper from Tijuana and that is, today, true heritage of Baja California.

Thus, the city has been built itself, by its inhabitants, but also by those who decide to come here. They came first to relax and have fun, that type of recreation that fits in the category of "risky pleasures" but also, to work for the economy derived from it.

Tijuana was populated, consequently, of Mexicans and foreigners. All, captivated by that exoticism that began to be represented on postcards, cinema and literature. The urban layout began to grow to that we can see today.

From the surge of the "health seekers", investors and workers of the era of Prohibition and Revolution, agrarianism and National Unity, the Free Zone and the era of the Maquiladora, today the new magnet to come and stay in Tijuana is its real estate development.

LIV La Recta
LIV La Recta

The housing offer in Tijuana is a consequence of the housing price increase in San Diego. The city has reinvented itself to meet this challenge. The city has sought to improve its streets and the offer of services has diversified: from more freelancing work opportunities, to a unique cuisine, highlighting the ‘‘urban style’’ and, among all, the beer from the region.

Opportunities to do business, to work, live and have fun. The nightlife of Tijuana remains legendary. All this, added to the possibility of an international border crossing that operates 24 hours a day. This makes Tijuana the best place to visit, invest ... and live.


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