Special requirements for minors crossing the U.S. border without their parents

If for any reason your children must travel to the United States without a parent, you should take the following into account

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Do your children have plans to travel to the United States with other people? In a border life this is completely normal. However, there are some details that you need to know in order not to experience any mishaps.

The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection has some special requirements for this situation: first of all, and although it may seem obvious, it is necessary to clarify that minors must also have a passport to enter the United States.

The customs office recommends that U.S. minors present a letter from one of their parents if they will be traveling with only one parent. In the case of traveling with another member of your family it will be necessary that both parents show their consent of the minor's trip.

The letter should be brief, more of a note where you should begin by saying: "I acknowledge that my wife/husband is traveling out of the country with my son/daughter. They have my permission". If you are traveling with a relative, please specify the relationship.

If either of the child's parents is deceased, a death certificate will be required. In the event that only one of the parents has full custody, bring a document that certifies it. On the other hand, what if your child is going out with a school group? CBP asks for the name of the group and the adults traveling. It also asks for the name, address, phone number, place and date of birth of one of the parents.

We remind you that travel to the U.S. on a tourist visa continues to be restricted and you will be given an update on when the restrictions will be lifted on November 21.


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