Learn about the tour that "Taco Chronicles" made in Baja California

The Fish Tacos are the stars of the Northwest Mexican peninsula

The second season of the successful culinary documentary program premiered last September 15 as part of the patriotic celebrations of the month, but there is one episode in particular that took the states of Baja California and Baja California Sur as the center of attention, the famous Fish Taco.

This taco, made of tortillas, fish wrapped in batter and seasoned with vegetables and sauces, is representative of the coasts of Mexico's northwestern region, a typical dish enjoyed mainly on the beaches and becoming more popular during the Easter vacations because of its main ingredient.

Much has been said about this style of taco and although its exact origin is still unknown, it has been considered a mixture of Japanese and Mexican cultures, since we can even observe in the episode the movement of Mexican cooks who have taken this dish to the other side of the world in Japan.

Facebook: Tacos Floresta
Facebook: Tacos Floresta

The show highlighted places in our region where we can find their best versions, starting from Ensenada, the capital of fish taco par excellence in Baja California, being Tacos Floresta the first stop in the tour, these tacos located in Col. Obrera are backed by a long history, they have been present in the city since 1975 offering shrimp and fish tacos.

Mi Ranchito El Fenix" and "Tacos Corona" are other restaurants and food stands that have as their main dish the fish taco, among other marine delicacies, which enjoy great recognition in the state.

Facebook: Tacos Mi Ranchito El Fénix
Facebook: Tacos Mi Ranchito El Fénix

From there we travel to La Paz where we go from the magical town of Todos Santos where there is Taco Fish, a very well known establishment in that area that has a great variety of tacos with seafood and fish, to Cerritos Beach, entering the Barracuda cantina, where despite being a place for drinks, in the words of the owner Ariel Sanchez ''The fish taco is the protagonist of the beach, because it can not be missed''.

The gastronomic diversity found in our region is vast and it is important that shows like ''Taco Chronicles'' speak and visit establishments giving those places the recognition they deserve.

Visit any of these wonderful places and enjoy an excellent fish taco.

Facebook: Tacos Fish
Facebook: Tacos Fish


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