Tijuana: the real estate dream for Americans

According to data released by CoreLogic / DQNews, the median home price in the San Diego region rose to a record $750K in June, this due to a shortage of homes for sale, coupled with low mortgage rates attracting more buyers to the market.

This increase in housing costs has driven Americans in the region to move to Tijuana, as rents are low. In California you can pay up to $500 for a room, while in Tijuana you can rent an entire apartment for the same amount.

For this reason, rents are affordable for Americans according to their economy, while Tijuana residents find them very high and the rents are charged in dollars.

Americans have taken up to 20% more of the apartments and houses that exist in Tijuana during the pandemic. Both Americans who work at home offices, as well as those who work in California, have been forced to take this measure, which has caused lines at the border crossing points to increase considerably.

Despite the increases in rents in Tijuana, which in 2017 ranged in the 250 dollars per month and now can exceed 1,200 dollars, the arrival of Americans has increased the economic flow, as they consume in restaurants, cleaners and cafes in the city.


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