Toll booth in Playas de Tijuana will be free for residents only

During his visit to the municipality, López Obrador said that the freeing of the toll booth will be partial

Photo by: Google Maps

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, is about to finish his third tour of Baja California and among the activities that have stood out since his arrival, was to endorse the fiscal stimulus package for the border (proposed by businessman Pedro Romero Torres-Torrija).

In addition to this, he visited each of the municipalities, among which the recently named San Quintín stands out. On his third day he visited Rosarito where he took the opportunity to clarify the situation regarding the liberation of the Tijuana- Beaches toll booth in Rosarito.

The toll booth has been operating since July 9 without charging users, which has provided benefits to the thousands of residents who were forced to pass by the booth every day when they went to work. However, at the time, citizens became increasingly concerned that the road would become just another version of "la libre" the toll free road.

Nevertheless, the president decided to make a clarification: this release will only be partial and he affirmed that they will not charge any person who is forced to travel on that road daily. Stickers identifying this type of user will be provided. Others will have to pay on a regular basis.

There is no date for when operations will resume or how the decals will be distributed, but the first step will be for the state to give control of the facilities to the Capufe.


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